A RISING FORCE - Eclipse (June 3, 2022)


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New release from: A RISING FORCE – Eclipse (June 3, 2022)

A Rising Force is set to release their second full-length studio album Eclipse On June 3rd 2022, fresh off the tail of their previous album Undertow.

The new album contains 10 new tracks, featuring the first single “Believe”, which is also their brand-new video, available below.

When we were in pre-production for the album, we decided to go to Drop C tuning on “Believe” and add 4 different guitar parts on it to give it a very heavy rhythm,” says guitarist Leni DiMancari. “When it came time to write the storyboards for the video, our production lead Mike Voegele and I took a far left turn from what the song was written about with the storyline. It initially went from a song about the rise and fall of a televangelist to a scary journey into tarot, Ouija, and the occult, with an ending that will floor you. It’s like watching a scary paranormal series on the travel channel and then having it come to life in front of you, with a surprise ending.

And the other band members are excited about the new video, as well:

David Reed Watson: “I’ve always been drawn to the darker aspects of psychology and what makes people tick. This video exemplifies that, and my fascination with the tarot.

Lane Allen: “I loved the overall look of the band and shots in the video. It reminds me of early Van Halen.”

Billy Schlump: “Outstanding video. Very well done and put together. It draws the viewer in and locks you in until the very end.

Brian Lorenson: “Disturbingly creepy video with a great storyline and a great song along with it.

The band recorded basic tracks in March of this year at Winterland Studios, then returned to Logic Studios for production and engineering by Brian Bart, who co-produced the first album with DiMancari.

We worked in pre-production for 6 months to fine-tune this record. The band wanted it to feel more current than the last one, yet still be commercially heavy. We ‘Believe’ we have that in this one.Leni DiMancari

Additional vocals were recorded at lead vocalist David Reed Watson’s Kundalini studio and mastered at Logic Recording and Programming.

The second album is always harder to do, and there’s a little pressure on you to try to out-do the last one.” says guitarist Leni DiMancari. “We started writing the new album within weeks of finishing the first one, while in the middle of a pandemic. This album is a lot heavier than the last one, and we are really proud of how it turned out.


Nobody Cares
All Night Long
Shake it Like a Ragdoll
Trail of Tears
Trouble’s Back in Trouble Again
Say Goodbye

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A Rising Force – Believe

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